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At AdvantEdge Tours, we help you build and create travel plans and itineraries that are uniquely yours. We understand that when someone experiences an impactful or emotional moment while traveling, that moment becomes a powerful memory and a story told time and time again. Those stories influence future travel plans, and while we all hope to simply stumble upon gripping experiences, it often requires careful planning and calculated logistics to discover invaluable tales of heart and adventure. With over 30 years in the travel industry, we know the ins and outs, tips and tricks to making travel easier and more efficient, meaning you can relax and more fully enjoy exhilarating and educational moments in time.

Our custom tour experts specialize in student performance travel, domestic and international tours. We maintain a five-star reputation for arranging large group tours as well as small group tours that are thoughtfully designed to retain your privacy while traveling with others.

Leave the details to us—accommodations, food, transportation, guides, etc.—so you can focus on packing your suitcase and embarking on your customized journey. If you’d like, we’ll manage your itinerary from take-off to landing, providing best-in-class service the entire way. Have fun, make memories and see the world in a new light… we’ll take care of everything in between.

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