AdvantEdge Tours: Best Pricing Program

Here a six key pricing differences between AdvantEdge Tours and the competition:

AdvantEdge tours provides students and chaperones with the same pricing even though some people might room 4, 3, 2 or even just one to a room. This allows for tremendous latitude in making arrangements.

If you are a “follower family” we will provide clear rates for quad, triple, double and single occupancy. We don’t believe in surprises and AdvantEdge Tours always wants to be clear and upfront to make everyone’s trip that much more enjoyable.

We are always happy to provide a “Full Package” price as well as a “Land Only” price. A Land Only price is for parents of students who are able to purchase their airline tickets with mileage program benefits. When parents and students are able to enjoy a tour as a family, it can create wonderful memories that last a lifetime. We are always available to answer your travel pricing questions.

We are widely known throughout the Student Tour industry for our ethical business practices. We don’t like surprises, and neither should you. While no one can foresee sudden rate hikes that may occur far out in the future, we do everything possible to give our groups fair and realistic estimates. In some cases, we have actually been able to reduce the estimated costs. We greatly value the relationships we have with tour directors and we do everything possible to earn that trust, every day!

There are times when it is necessary to un-expectantly pay for something on a trip. When this has happened, AdvantEdge Tours has done so and has not asked for any reimbursement. We recall one time when a group traveled with us to European destination. At a particular dinner, the beverages were not included in the dinner price. It would have taken our staff at least an hour to charge each individual student for their beverages and so we made the decision to pick up the bill.

With decades of experience in the Student Tour business, AdvantEdge Tours understands that the “cheapest price,” is often a deceptive price. We believe that it is our mission as a professional organization to not only offer the best possible value for the money, but to be totally clear and honest in our pricing. The way to do this is through detailed estimates, unquestioned customer service and creating the most enjoyable experience possible. For complete information on our best pricing programs, please contact AdvantEdge Tours at: