AdvantEdge Tours: World Class Ambassador Service

Let’s face facts: you may have the greatest bunch of kids in the world, but nothing can turn a tour from happy to miserable faster than a bad travel experience. The bad experience may occur at the start, middle or end of a trip, and it may involve most any aspect of the trip. While the vast majority of tours are completely uneventful, whether your tour is arranged for a destination one state away or a continent away, AdvantEdge tours has worked hard to take all the worry out of student group travel. That’s why we have a highly unique World Class Ambassador Service.

To be honest, many student tours start when the group reaches their destination. This is a pretty tricky way of doing things. Teachers and parents, while well-meaning, are not certified travel professionals. If something goes wrong, especially at a strange destination, it can result in all sorts of complications. While we would like to think of all these complications as funny, most often they are not.

AdvantEdge Tours takes a very different approach than many other student tour companies. Our highly trained, licensed, experienced professionals are with each tour group from start to finish. Groups love AdvantEdge Tours because of this reason.

Think of our staff members as your tour’s personal ambassador. If there are any unforeseen problems with flights or connections even before the trip officially begins, we have the skill to quickly assess and correct that problem.

Usually there are never problems, so it is not long before students start to use our staff’s great experience for all kinds of help and information. Our ambassadors can quickly answer questions ranging from history and fun things to do, to helping out with sudden challenges such as helping a student with a stomach ache who might be in need of a physician, or meeting special dietary needs.

Our staff has traveled to the tour destination, even our fabulous overseas destinations, as many as 30 times. We know all of the great places, special places and unusual places! However, it’s not just the final destination, but in anticipating the unforeseen and in knowing what to do  the entire experience is as seamless as possible.

We are very happy to sit down with directors to discuss ideas, add-on features and special dinners or events to make your tour a very special experience. Parents and students should also be aware that our ambassadors are constantly being kept up-to-date on a wide variety of safety issues. As much as we want our students to enjoy themselves, we are also meticulous about the security and well-being of every tour member in our care. Safety issues not only include any problem that may occur from outside the group, but we are strict (but nice) in ensuring that no issues will ever occur within the group setting.