AdvantEdge Tours: 7 Things Every Parent Should Know About Tour Safety

Becoming a tour director is not something someone decides to do on a whim. Professional tour directors must be trained, undergo extensive apprenticeship experience and be current in all aspects of educational tours. AdvantEdge Tour Directors have years of training and accompany your group around the clock to provide the safest possible learning experience. They are with your group from the very start to the very end of each trip!

There can never be any compromise when it comes to the quality of airline carriers, hotels, restaurants, motor coaches or any other providers. A tour company must have rigorous and uncompromising standards. We are members of SYTA (Student Youth Travel Association) and because of our membership in that prestigious organization, we know what to watch out for when it comes to venues, hotels and attractions. We offer the finest quality tours at the best possible pricing.

Tour directors and parents always like to know that AdvantEdge Tours routinely conducts evaluations and inspections of every aspect involved in a student tour, whether international or domestic. We will never use a second-rate supplier just to cut-corners.

Your student’s educator or leader is responsible for choosing adult chaperones be they members of your community or parents and teachers. However, with an AdvantEdge Tours event, our professional tour directors will work closely with chaperones to ensure the tour maintains a very safe and secure environment.

A student educational tour must set strong guidelines at the start of every tour to make certain that students will be courteous and will fulfill the directions of the tour director and the chaperones. We want everyone to have fun, but at the same time there must be clear expectations of behavior. At AdvantEdge Tours, we believe that expectations are critical for group safety and for the protection of the individual rights of each student.

It is important that any student tour organization should offer travel insurance. AdvantEdge Tours offers travel insurance, and we encourage each group to include it in their travel arrangements.

Any student tour should also have 24/7 emergency illness and accident coverage. AdvantEdge Tours provides round the clock protection including medical staff contacts if necessary, and complete coverage for emergencies.

Any reputable student tour company must have professional operating licenses, general liability insurance and a comprehensive consumer protection plan. AdvantEdge Tours has tremendous experience and the finest credentials in the industry. We are pleased to discuss all aspects of what makes our firm the industry leader in the area of safety and consumer protection.

The tour itinerary, whether “local” or international should not just be about “places,” but they should have educational meaning, a sense of adventure, and provide a great deal of fun but always with the utmost of safety considerations in mind. It all comes down to experience. AdvantEdge Tours has years of experience in providing your group with the finest customized tours that are educational, safe and always fun!

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